Another Day, Another Series of Joyous Connections

Keith Howard | Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015

Another day, another series of joyous connections—what a dandy universe we inhabit!

  • It was warm this morning in the box. (This box, of course, will eventually be a Liberty Home, but it wouldn’t be honest to use that word to describe the uninsulated and unelectrified wooden crate Lucy and I are living in now. That will be the Liberty Home rite of passage, when we start referring to the cargo trailer as a home.) Warm is a relative term, though, as it was 47 degrees when Lucy and I got up at 5:30. It would have been cold to us two weeks ago, but we weren’t able to see our breath this morning, so count it as a victory.
  • A dozen vets from the Nam Knights came by this morning with two truckloads and an enclosed cargo trailer (!) of food collected at the Nashua Market Basket near the Amherst line. They also collected $5,000 in donations which they transformed into Market Basket Gift Cards—Liberty House will not have to buy groceries out of operating funds for the foreseeable future!
  • As it happens—”as it was meant to happen,” Bokonon would say—HD Ken, the President of the Knights, works for an enclosed trailer dealer in Greenland. Although HD Ken works in the parts department, he knows trailers, and has offered to help out with any parts we may need, either for this inaugural Liberty Home or moving forward. Hot Diggity Frog!
  • The rest of the club members were also excited and intrigued about Liberty Homes, many of them offering concrete suggestions which may well be incorporated into the future of Liberty Homes. As a group, they seem on board with this addition to the Liberty House mission. Hotter Diggity Frog!
  • Eighteen months ago, on Independence Day, I had one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I had to discharge one of my favorite Liberty House residents, a man I consider a friend. A couple months ago, he heard a radio show about Liberty House and reached out to me. When he heard about the Liberty Home idea, he was immediately supportive. Today, while the Nam Knights were visiting, that ex-resident, who until recently I wasn’t sure I’d see again, came, joined the group and looked over the box. Our friendship, changed but firm, remains. Hottest diggity frog of all!

Tomorrow, it’s off to the Goffstown Public Library for their Human Books experience. Full report to follow, and it may contain further re-connections.
-Keith Howard

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