Introducing: The Liberty Homes Project

Lindsay Elitharp | Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Liberty House is taking an exciting new step to combat veteran homelessness.

Advocates for the homeless have long searched for affordable and easily-built small homes, preferably ones that can be relocated with little effort. Liberty House sees the opportunity for permanent homes for future residents through the conversion of enclosed cargo trailers into small, portable homes.

Enclosed cargo trailers are designed to be solid, durable, and weather resistant. Converting a cargo trailer into a living space requires insulation, simple wiring, and the purchase of a waterless toilet, propane-run heater and stove top. This transformation costs less than $10,000 including the purchase of a trailer. Given a donated trailer, the price drops to less than $1,500.

The Field Test

Liberty House will buy a cargo trailer, convert it into living space, and Executive Director Keith Howard will live in the home for a calendar year. A former homeless veteran and avid writer, Keith will document each stage of the trailer’s transformation and his experience living in the new home through regular blog posts, photos, and video updates to the Liberty Home Project webpage. This field test will demonstrate reproducibility for future trailer transformations for Liberty House residents.

A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

The Liberty Homes Project will offer residents of the Liberty House the opportunity to earn affordable and sustainable housing through sweat equity, their own money, and community donations. Residents who have worked 200 hours on a trailer transformation would be awarded their own cargo trailer to transform with the help of other residents, current and former, contributing to an ongoing and positive community.

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