Steps Forward in the Liberty Home Project

Keith Howard | Monday, April 27, 2015

First, let’s take inventory of where the Liberty Home project stands as of Monday, April 27th, 2015:

Area Progress
Purchase of trailer Done. (Duh!) On Friday, April 3, George P. and I drove to Winthrop, ME, to Williams Trailers to pick up a new 8 ½ foot by 20 foot enclosed cargo trailer (pictures 1-3). While George entertained me with anecdotes from his previous life, I managed the 150-mile drive back fighting against wind that wanted to drag us into abutments, ditches and rivers.On a positive note, in a completely unsponsored endorsement, we found a truly great sub shop in Portland, Po’ Boys and Pickles. The fried oyster sandwich was the best I’ve ever had.
Toilet To the delight of some and the disgust of others, the Loveable Loo is a complete success. As Charlie, a resident says, it is a cat box for humans, consisting of a large bucket, a box around the bucket, a toilet seat and a large collection of crushed walnut shells, coconut shells, sawdust and torn-up leaves. One does one’s business, covers it up and moves on. I can report that even the most sensitive nose hasn’t complained of any odor.
Electrical and Appliance layout Dan D., in a flash of brilliance, looked at my proposed layout and made a tremendous suggestion. Please see the “sketch” below, showing the kitchen in the front cone of the trailer. Dan has completed all the wiring for the lights, fridge, and coffee pot.
Windows and fans Work has not yet begun on cutting out holes for the windows in the walls and the two fans in the ceiling. As has been made apparent, my view of almost all construction is that it’s a form of arcane magic, so the idea of HOLES in the box strikes me as impossibly brave. Folks in the know say it’s not that hard. Frankly, I have my doubts.Windows and fans have been chosen, purchased and left to sit forlornly waiting for their call to duty.
Insulation The closed-cell foam insulation is purchased and will be installed within the next 10 or so days.   Mornings should be much more pleasant without having to live with the unseasonably cold ambient air temperature.
Finish Work This includes furnishing, painting, flooring, walling, ceilinging, etc., all with some kind of theme. Since my design sense consists primarily of knowing what I don’t like, this is an area where I need huge assistance.

THE priority for now, though, is finding a temporary home for the first Liberty Home. Temporary, of course, is a flexible word; in this case, it means for one calendar year from the date of siting. We’ve had seven or eight possibilities presented to us, but we have the luxury of waiting another week or two for exactly the right place. I wouldn’t say Lucy is picky, exactly, but she is a dog who knows what she wants:

  1. Privately owned property available for very modest rent
    Town/state-owned property
    Institution (e.g., college, veterans organization, wildlife group, etc.) property
  2. Located within a 30-minute drive to Manchester
  3. Offering some privacy. Lucy is particularly adamant about this.

The Liberty Home is completely self-sufficient and self-contained, so there is no need at all for electricity, sewer or water availability. An unused meadow or car-accessible clearing in the woods would be absolutely perfect. If you know of such a spot, please be in touch with us right away. Our goal is to be off-site by June 1. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trailer Layout
Trailer Layout

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