The Liberty Home, The Complications of Life, And Me

Keith Howard | Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last Saturday,  I tasted life’s bittersweetness. Libby, my youngest daughter, went to her senior prom, one of the few rites of passage still extant in our world. Libby’s had a steady beau throughout her senior year, so she already knew Brad would squire her in style to the cotillion. Libby didn’t have to sort through boys asking her to the prom.

Here at the Liberty Home project, though, life is a bit more complicated. As you know, work on the home continues in the Liberty House driveway, with a target of 10 days to completion. At that point, we’re moving it off the property and onto its permanent site. The site remains undetermined as we’ve got a few different options.

Among the reality-based proposals are three possibilities:
–A site in Concord in the vanguard of a proposed homeless encampment.


–A piece of property in rural Raymond (as opposed, I guess to urban Raymond) owned by strong supporters of veterans.


–A spot in Manchester less than a mile from Liberty House and owned by a local business.


By this time next week, I’m hoping we will have some definite answers and you will know where to go to peer at the boy and his dog in a box.

(If you think the lead about my daughter, Libby, was simply an excuse to post a picture of her looking beautiful next to her goofy-looking dad, you’re probably right.)

Libby and Keith prom picture

-Keith Howard

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