The Work Of Making A Box A Home: Interview With Dan D.

Lindsay Elitharp | Monday, May 18, 2015

Dan D. is head of construction on the Liberty Home Project. I interviewed him on Friday, May 15th to learn more about the process of making the cargo trailer a home.

Q: What’s been completed on the Liberty Home?

A: The electrical work is done, including a small solar panel that can be moved in the winter months to get a better angle on the sunlight. The sub-floor will be done today and the ceiling tomorrow, which will finish off the insulation.

Q: What’s next after that?

A: The windows, Keith’s really eager to get those in, I think because it will feel more like a house then. Next week we’ll carpet the walls and start fabricating cabinets, the floor tiles will go in after the cabinets.

Q: What’s been the most difficult task so far?

A: Well, I’ve been working by myself mostly. I wish I could move faster, I’m not as young as I used to be. We had some volunteers this morning, two young guys, they helped me with the sub-floor and they said they’ll be back tomorrow to help me with the ceiling, so that’s going faster now.

Q: Is it very challenging to be working with a cargo trailer compared to working on a regular home?

A: It really hasn’t been that hard. The techniques are the same. It might seem like it’s going slow but the prep work takes some time, all the electrical and insulation, and you want that done right because after that, all the finish work comes together.


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