Welcome to Liberty House

When Life Offers a Veteran No Friendly Direction, Liberty House Holds Out the Hand of Brotherhood

Liberty House provides a safe, respectful and substance-free transitional housing community for homeless American veterans committed to a path of independence and self-sufficiency.

We opened the door to our first veteran in 2004 and have housed over 200 homeless veterans to date.  Our veterans come to us for a number of different reasons and no veteran’s story is ever the same.  Therefore, we strive to provide a person centered transition plan that is based upon the needs of each individual resident.  Often these veterans have lost their sense of direction and are struggling to keep their head above that water. Liberty House not only serves as their raft but helps each resident to regain their sense of self and put their life back on course towards positive and successful change.

Liberty House, Inc. is a drug and alcohol free facility that has ten resident beds and offers a variety of services including case management, employment and housing assistance, food, clothing and outer agency referrals.  We also service the community through our food pantry and clothing program.

To learn more about Liberty House and how you can become part of our community, please contact:

Keith Howard, Executive Director
Cell: (603) 361-6266
Fax: (603) 669-8024

Rebecca Searles, Assistant to the Executive Director
Cell: (603) 289-1169
Fax: (603) 669-8024

Lindsay Elitharp, Marketing and Media Specialist
Office: (603) 669-0761
Fax: (603) 669-8024

Bill Zarakotas, Director of Community Relations
Office: (603) 669-0761
Fax: (603) 669-8024


75 W. Baker Street, Manchester, NH 03103 Phone: 603-669-0761