Empowering Veterans Facing Homelessness & Other Challenges

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About Liberty House

Our veterans have risked their lives for our freedom, yet many carry invisible wounds such as post-traumatic stress and addiction that have left them homeless or searching to develop a path forward. Liberty House is a safe haven that provides substance-free housing and assistance around everyday needs to help them get back on their feet, regain their independence and build stable futures.

The Liberty House


Recovery Starts with Sobriety

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy and are the only truly sober recovery residence in New Hampshire.


Only Liberty House provides a life-changing solution for struggling veterans. We offer an action-oriented, transformational, substance-free, residential 4-step program.

Community of Brothers and Sisters - Vets Helping Vets

We believe our family-oriented community facilitates a positive and supportive culture that promotes self-sufficiency and independence.

Lean Organization

We maintain lean staffing and have significant help from volunteers. 92 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to support services for our Veterans.

Financial Support

We are very particular regarding federal and state funding. We will not accept any funding that would adversely impact our ability to maintain our behavioral expectations. We believe this offers the best opportunity for the long-term success of our Veterans.



Liberty House remembers, honors, and supports our Veterans.



In 1943, a German U-boat torpedo hit the USAT Dorchester. More than 600 servicemen were killed. Private Harold Paczosa was one of the servicemen lost. However, his memory lives on through his sister, Annette, and her gift of the family home to the VFW. Annette’s only request was that the house is used for military veterans and that a memorial stone honoring her brother be maintained at the house. Don Duhamel, a retired Air Force sergeant, partnered with the Manchester VFW to create Liberty House at the Paczosa’s family home.

Since then, our veterans have worked together to rebuild confidence, enhance skills, and lead fulfilling substance-free lives. Liberty House has provided support and services to more than 300 formerly homeless veterans thanks to the generosity of our donors, the community, and Annette (Paczosa) Nelson.

In 2019, Liberty House became a program of Catholic Charites NH. This enabled us to move into a 16,000-square-foot home in Manchester that more than doubled our residential capacity and then renovate it to meet the needs of our program. Through the support of Catholic Charities, we’re in a great position to be able to serve veterans in new ways and make a lasting difference in so many more lives.