Giving Tuesday

Helping Homeless & At-Risk NH Veterans Get Back on their Feet

$5,550 / $5,000
Help a local veteran

This Giving Tuesday, you have a unique chance to help New Hampshire veterans struggling with homelessness and substance use gain the support and resources to put their difficult pasts behind them – and build the stable futures they deserve.

Your gift helps the residents of Liberty House’s transitional living program, a supportive environment that guides veterans through recovery and ultimately a successful transition to independence. It will also provide direct assistance around everyday needs for local community veterans who have difficulty getting by financially and making ends meet.

The impact of your gift:

  • $1,000 funds a month’s worth of activities promoting positive lifestyles for veterans on the road to recovery, including art therapy and recreational outings.
  • $500 helps to ensure the program’s clothing and food pantry remains regularly accessible to community veterans.
  • $250 supports our new service dog, Ezra, providing ongoing training, veterinary care and food/treats so he can continue to enrich the lives of veterans working through recovery.
  • $150 provides a month of home-cooked meals and food for a resident.
  • $25 helps provide daily transportation to help a veteran get to jobs, doctor appointments and other errands.

Why your support this Giving Tuesday is important:

Sadly, we continue to receive too many calls for help, whether it’s a local veteran living on the street without a support network they can count on, or another veteran whose fixed income inhibits their ability to afford the food for his family. All of their stories are different – with a common theme: these veterans have given so much in their lives, yet face homelessness, substance use, trauma, and other hardships that no one deserves to go through.

For these veterans, Liberty House is their way to get back on track. And your gift today allows us to make a positive impact in the lives of even more local veterans in need. Whether it’s helping to provide better access to food, clothing, transportation to job interviews and activities that promote a positive lifestyle, every gift goes a long way in helping a veteran access the support they need to set them up for a successful future.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help local veterans – any help is greatly appreciated!