Only Liberty House provides a life-changing solution for Veterans facing significant barriers in their lives. We offer an action-oriented, transformational, substance-free, residential 4-step program where we walk alongside each resident and support their self-directed plan for independence.

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Typically, our residents stay with us for 90 days to one year to complete the program. For those who complete the 4-Step program, we also have two Step-Up rooms upon request, subject to availability. Our 4-Step program is structured as follows:

  • Recovery

    New residents meet with our licensed alcohol and drug counselor within the first two weeks. They are responsible to follow through on the prescriptive recommendations for their recovery while they are with us. Additionally, they work on Step 2 in their “down” time.

  • Health and Wellness Connections

    This step includes obtaining essential documents (i.e., birth certificates, social security cards, etc.) and coordinating appointments with a primary care physician (PCP) and mental health professional.

  • Meaningful Employment

    An essential element for a successful transition to independence is securing meaningful employment. We help residents find employment that is sustainable and will enable them to live comfortably after their transition.

  • Transition to Independence

    Step 4 focuses on securing safe and affordable housing.

Our 4-Step program emphasizes action-oriented behaviors. We expect sustained effort from our residents throughout their stay with us, beginning with the resident’s two-week probationary period and continuing until he successfully completes the program.

Resident Life

Every Liberty House resident can expect the following:

Intensive Case Management

We walk alongside our residents and provide support to empower them as they work through our 4-Step Model.

Team Approach

Our emphasis on a ‘family-based’, team approach builds a community based on mutual respect, trust, and encouragement.

Mission Focus

This action-oriented experience is familiar to all veterans who have served in our Armed Forces.


Our residents are in this together and provide each other with support and accountability as they journey towards independence.


Our residents share the warmth and affection of Ezra the Wonder Dog. He is a certified facility dog that excels at providing calming support and companionship.

Family Fun

All residents are strongly encouraged to participate in ‘family fun’ events designed to build community and camaraderie.


We are an 18-bed facility certified by the New Hampshire Coalition of Recovery Residences (NHCORR).

Reasonable Accommodation

We have clear behavioral expectations for our residents. However, we will consider a reasonable accommodation request. Each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but keep in mind we are responsible to maintain a safe and sober culture for residents, community Veterans, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders.

Liberty House is not responsible to approve a reasonable accommodation if it may represent a threat to the health or safety of others; may create a risk of substantial physical damage to the property of others; may represent a significant challenge technologically and/or logistically, or may represent a basic change in the nature of our program.

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